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Ever since our company was set up in 1952, RIERA NADEU SA is offering technical support and after-sales service specialized in dedicating technical assistance to our customers, for all kind of machines already in operation-either RINA, RINA-Biotech, RINA-JET or other (Non-Rina-) brands.

The RIERA NADEU service teamguarantees our customers professionalresponse to their queries and fast and efficient supply of original spare parts.

Our teamof service engineers and specialized technicians assisted by ourengineering departmentresolves any issue related to our machines, or to the process in which they are involved.

Our service team provides:

  • Customized technical support
  • Immediate action and efficient response
  • Engineering service for up-dating or upgrading technical standard of any equipment in use.
  • Process optimization.
  • Revision, reconditioning, certification, and examination of runningequipment.
  • The supply of original spare parts


The RIERA NADEU After sales includes guaranteeson all interventions. The actions are performed in the same way, precision, and methodologywhich in RIERA is applied for the manufacturing of new equipment. The SERVICE team has access to all manufacturing facilities and means - taking benefit from the full potential and available resources of the company.It is an inherent commitment to our company to supplyoriginal spare parts during the entire lifetime of a RINA equipment as well as their repair and manufacturingof pieces.

State of the Art.

Besides repair and maintenance - the RIERA NADEUservice department utilizes and applies, whenever possible, all the latest technical developments and improvements to any machine regardless of its year of construction

Technical Assistance and After Sales Highlights

  • Technical support: ourserviceengineers and technicians assure servicematched to the real needs forall kind of equipment in process.
  • Maintenance: The preventive maintenance of equipment or installationsusually requires a comprehensive and periodical planning for the revision and control of critical points.Upon request, a preventive maintenance can be accomplished under tailor-made service contracts.
  • Original spare parts: RIERA NADEU, S.A. always uses spare parts of the same, or even higher, quality thanthe element being replaced, ensuring the excellence and reliability of the repair and/or the technical intervention.
  • Official Technical Service: Only personnel trained in RIERA NADEU, S.A. and well-acquainted with the exigencies of the pharmaceutical and chemical process industry are authorized to take care of the technical services.
  • Revamping: Application of specialized engineering skills and mechanics in order torefurbish anyused machine, either from RIERA NADEU or other brands, as well as adding safety elements to incorporate latest norms and regulations in order to assure the continuation of its working.
  • Norms and regulations: personalized investigation in order to improve procedures and increase effectiveness and productivity of the equipment.



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Tel: (+34) 93 840 70 72
Polígono Industrial Coll de la Manya
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