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RIERA NADEU, S.A. was founded 1952. Ever since our activities have been focused on the design and manufacture of centrifuges (all types, sizes, and materials), and supercentrifuges.

Some years later we incoporated instantaneous turbo-dryers, turbo-micronizers and other related equipment in our program – putting us in the position of acting as turn key supplier for complete process lines, starting from Separation then Drying and last not least - if desired – Jet Milling.

Close Colaboration with our our customers

For more than sixty years, we have been offering our customers innumerable customized solutions and genuine applications with mentioned equipments.

Additionaly we have proven our capacity and flexibility adapting changes and constant development – always insuring benefits to our customers. Our experience and technical knowledge guarantee efficient and reliable service in all aspects. The demand on ourselves and our mission is simple: doing things thourough and well.

The close cooperation with our customers is invaluable and has enabled us to design and manufacture equipments and installations fullfilling the most varied exigencies. The continuous technological evolution being experienced in the process industry is compiled and invested in the tailor-made projects developed for our customers.

We dispose of the necessary productive and technical means to adapt every equipment to each customer's specific demand; not the other way around - expecting YOU to adapt your process to our equipments.

Technology and certified quality

Our Engineering and R+D+i services – thanks to mentioned disposal of qualified productive and technical means - support our customers developing process solutions until the implementation of the projects.

Moreover, our commitment to quality assurance regulations ISO:9001/2015 and EC safety requirements (UL in USA) are an important guarantee for our customers, as well as the incorporation of latest regulations such as ATEX (NEMA in USA), following guidelines issued by certifying institutions like EHEDG, etc. and our capability to provide all necessary documentation and implementation of IQ, OQ, PQ.

RIERA NADEU, S.A. is a company, that from the beginning has given top priority to the technological development, its know-how and technical and economic competitiveness – facing (and beating) already existing European multinational competitors.

Our company has reached a leading position with a wide program supplying: process technology, solid/liquid separation, turbo-dryers, turbo-micronizers, and service.

Facilities and human resources

Riera NadeuFrom 1.952 to 1.997, RIERA NADEU, S.A. has been located in Barcelona. Today our facilities are in Granollers, a town close to Barcelona. Our modern site is equipped with state of the art production means, test-center, laboratory and extremely competent engineering and after-sales departments. All this ensures the best service to our customers, including R+D+i for effective and efficient technological development.


Riera NadeuThe human taskforce, professional organization and the modern facilities guarantee top quality of our production process; highest standard materials and components employed guarantee the highest reliability of our equipments; and last but not least, our engagement and commitment guarantee the high performance delivered.

Customer Commitment

1. Personalized tailor-made solutions:

Our engineering service always searches and studies necessary adaptations in order to guarantee the optimal output of our equipments at our customers production sites.

2. On-time and effective technical service:

A qualified technical team from our after sales service assures the disposal to solve any issue regarding machines, maintenance or other technical information you might need.

3. Excellent quality-price ratio:

Producing capital goods applying latest generation production means, RINA machines have a proven record of unbeatable quality-price ratio.

4. Worldwide refrences

On our reference list main pharmaceutical and chemical companies from all over the world can be found. Our drying and jet milling equipments play an important role in mining and ceramic industry. For further information please do not hesitate to request our international reference list from our sales department or one of our worldwide agents.

5. Compromise:

All RINA machines are manufactured in our workshops.

Incorporated elements, pieces and raw materials are always purchased from selected and well known suppliers providing CE marks and/or US safety conformity.

RIERA NADEU, S.A. strictly does not accept any kind of material or service from countries with deficient employee and/or environment – protection.

From the very beginning of the production until the end, RIERA NADEU S.A. guarantees total - 100% traceability of all incorporated parts.

Our facilities are at any time open to receive our customers.

Tel: (+34) 93 840 70 72
Polígono Industrial Coll de la Manya
Cal Ros dels Ocells, 1-3, Parcela 8, Nave 1 y 2
08403 Granollers Barcelona (SPAIN)

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