RINA Serie 200
Vertical axis filtering centrifuges with manual discharge


Our extensive program of RINA 200 (F: filtering; D: decanting) vertical centrifuges ranges from basket diameter 250mm up to 1400mm which provides a solid retention (nominal) capacity from 3.5 to 550 dm3.

RINA 200 series centrifuges are batch centrifuges and offer the possibility to perform the complete separation process fully automatically, except for the downloading step, which is carried out dissembling the upper crown of the basket, where the filtering media is hooked.

The RINA 200 centrifuges are highly versatile regarding their configuration. Several recipes can be programed in order to suit to any process requirement. Amidst other benefits, RINA 200 provide efficient and exhaustive cake washing since the relevant parameters - time and volume - can be determined according each process.

The RINA 200 centrifuges are especially suitable for products which require intensive washing steps, variable residence times and large decanting or filtering surface, for those products which are not suitable for being removed by the scraper, for not being friable.

Batch volumes can be suited to your reactor size or the volume you wish to process - always keeping in mind to offer the optimal ratio regarding capacity / g-force / filtering-decanting surface and price.
Besides the size, also the applications are extremely versatile. The reliability, configuration, easy handling and maintenance make possible being used in any process industry where a solid/liquid separation is requested.

The RINA 200 centrifuges can work in explosive atmosphere, in which case they will be delivered with complete – mechanical as well as electrical CE-ATEX Documentation and Certificates.

Within the range of small RINA Serie 200 centrifuges (below 50 litres), there are the RINA Universal (Series 200U), which are ideally conceived for versatile processes requesting several configurations of solid-liquid, liquid-liquid separation, as well as clarification/purification, for small batches, allowing the whole range of operations by means of exchanging baskets.


The automatic RINA 200 centrifuges have a proven record of wide applications mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Some product examples:

  • Antibiotics
  • APIs
  • Antibiotics
  • APIs
  • Oxalic acid
  • Clays
  • Catalyst recovery
  • Stereates
  • Fats
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Dyes
  • Food stuff
  • Inorganic reactions
  • Organic synthesis
  • Vitamins
  • Others...
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Vertical axis filtering centrifuges with manual discharge for chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Simplicity of operation, heavy duty mechanical robustness and reliability.

For products that do not permit automated discharge because their physical characteristics, or their value does not justify major investments.

Wide range from 3.5 to 550 liters of solid per batch.


The RINA Serie 200 centrifuges loaded from the top, allowing the mother liquor and the washing extraction being recovered through the bottom part of the collector. The solid discharge is made with the basket completely stopped, removing the filtering media from the basket extracting the upper part of the basket. This upper part is easily dissembled unlocking the fasteners conceived for such goal. Once the filtering media is out of the basket and suspended, the solid product may be removed and collected into a container.

All its versions and sizes allow several configurations, fully suitable to any request coming from the process itself and its environment (ATEX, batch size0, Temperature control...)

In all cases the cycle or batch consists of the following steps: feeding, centrifuging, washing, final dewatering, each step fully configurable


Technical Specifications

Ø Basket
Basket Height(
Cake thickness
Basket capacity
Bulk density
Nominal load
Filtering surface
Centrif. Factor
Basket wall SIGMA Dry
200F/D250 250 150 35 3,5 1250 4,4 11,78 3600 1800 212 50 400x500x500
200F/D400 400 200 60 12,0 1250 15,0 25,13 2500 1390 349 150 600x800x750
200F/D500 500 250 75 25,0 1250 31,3 39,27 2475 1700 668 300 700x1000x850
200F/D600 600 350 90 50,0 1250 62,5 65,97 2450 2000 1320 400 800x1200x750
200F/D650 650 400 120 68,0 1250 85,0 81,68 2400 2080 1380 450 800x1200x800
200F/D700 700 350 105 68,0 1250 85,0 76,97 2270 2000 1540 500 900x1300x1000
200F/D800 800 400 120 100,0 1250 125,0 100,53 1575 1103 1108 3450 1500x2050x1200
200F1000 1000 500 150 200,0 1250 250,0 157,08 1100 672 NA 5200 1800x2450x2000
200F1250 1250 625 185 390,0 1250 487,5 245,44 1050 766 NA 6200 2000x2565x2420
200F1400 1400 700 210 550,0 1250 687,5 307,88 800 498 NA 6800 2100x3050x2475

Construction Materials

The RINA 200 automatic centrifuges are built of materials compatible with the product to be processed, and will vary according to the requirements as for temperature, wearing, mechanical- and chemical resistance and other particular specifications..

316L stainless steel DIN 1.4404
DIN 1.4404
316 Ti stainless stell DIN 1.4571
904L stainles steel (Uranus B6, 2RK65) DIN 1.4539
HASTELLOY C-276 DIN 2.4819






The RINA 200 centrifuges comply with the most exigent design and quality criteria, and can be used in any industry and process. The particular features of every installation will suit to the specific application for which it has been manufactured, and will vary in function of the devices incorporated.

In any case, they meet or may meet upon requirement, the following standards:

ce EN-ISO 13849-1   ok Always according to the PL required
EMC   ok Always
SIL 2 sil ok Subject to the risk level
SIL 3 sil ok Subject to the risk level
CE-ATEX 94/9/EC ex ok When required
GMP compliance   gmp ok Always


21 CFR part 11
  fda ok Validation feasible
Blanketing   blanketing ok When required
Automatic discharge     ok Always
Batch/Continuous   Batch Always
Heating/cooling   heating / cooling ok When required
Pressure/vacuum     ok When required
CIP   cip ok When required
SIP   sterile ok When required
EHEDG compliance   ehedg ok  
ul     ok Subject to the market area
gost     ok Subject to the market area
Fundations     Not required Self-supported
Plug & play concept   plug&play ok Always



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