Turbo Micronizers RINA-JET
Turbo Micronizers by fluid energy


Micronization (jet-milling) is the process of significant reduction of average particle size of solids. Basically it is the transformation of powder and granule into microscopic particles for their subsequent application as inhalation products, pharmaceutical suspensions, pigments, dyes, etc.

The RINA-JET Turbo Micronizer has no rotating or any mechanical devices. This ensures a contamination-free product, and enables to control the resulting particle size distribution of the product.

The RINA-JETTurbo-Micronisers achievefine milled products with particle sizes of less than 10 microns with narrow granulometric(Gauss) curve around the medium size(depending on the characteristics of the product and its inlet condition).

Additionally our system permitsto perform combined operations such as micronizing and blending, or micronizing and particle coating.

The compact modular design of the RINA-JET Turbo-Micronizer installation can be arranged to fit to the available space in your plant. There are almost no dynamic parts involved which means low maintenance cost.


The RINA-JET Micronizers are suitable for milling:

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cosmetics
  • Foodstuffs
  • Insecticides and phytosanitary products
  • Pigments (organic, inorganic)
  • Ceramic colors
  • And other


The workingprinciple of the RINA-JET Micronizerconsists of breaking particles with their high-speed collision in a pressurized fluid environment.

As rule of thumb particle size at inlet should not exceed 300 micron at inlet - of course depending on other product characteristics and final exigencies.

A high-pressurized fluid (compressed air, N2, CO2, vapor...) is entered through several dispersing nozzles on the bottom part of the Turbo-Micronizer. The fluid then expands, converting the pressure into kinetic energy and favoring the particles to collide at sonic or subsonic velocity and their subsequent breaking.

Classification of the particles is accomplished thru the centrifugal effect occurring in the recirculation section (classification area of the logarithmic curves) and by controlling the aspiration. The largest and/or agglomerated particles are re-directed to the chamber, whilst the disaggregated and micronized product is aspirated and discharged.          

After the outlet the micronized powder is pneumatically conveyed to the air-powder separation system of the installation (Cyclone (optional) and Automatic Filter).

Customized and Tailor made

RIERA NADEU S.A. disposes of many decades of experience dealing with an utmost variety of different products, characteristics and exigencies. Although our highly skilled specialists of course take advantage of this knowledge all projects are always thoroughly studied customized and at the end tailor made to offer the best available solution.

In most cases testing in our pilot plant TM-000 or industrial plant TM -202 will be necessary. On request both installations can be rented.


Technical Specifications


Compressed air
Working pressure
M-000 0,1-0,5 0,4-0,7 - 7-12
M-101 1-5 1-3 - 7-12
M-202 0,5-25 3-4 - 7-12
M-303 20-60 5-10 - 7-12
M-403 40-200 7-15 200-400 7-12
M-504 150-400 10-20 400-750 7-12
M-806 300-1240 25-40 1200-2500 7-12

Construction Materials

The RINA-JET Micronizers are built of materials compatible with the product to be processed, and will vary according to the requirements as for temperature, wearing, chemical resistance and particular specifications.

316L stainless steel DIN 1.4404
316 Ti stainless steel DIN 1.4571
Silicon carbide  
High alumina (Al2O3)


The RINA-JET Micronizers comply with the most exigent design and quality criteria, and can be utilized in any industry and process. The particular features of every equipment will suit to the specific application for which it has been manufactured and will vary in function of the devices incorporated.

In any case they meet or may meet the following standards:


ce EN-ISO 13849-1   ok Always according to the PL required
EMC   ok Always
SIL 2 sil ok Subject to the risk level
SIL 3 sil ok Subject to the risk level
CE-ATEX   ex ok When required
GMP compliance   gmp ok Always


21 CFR part 11
  fda ok Validation feasible
Blanketing/Inertization   blanketing ok When required
Automatic discharge     ok Always
Batch/Continuous   , Continous Always
Heating/cooling   heating / cooling N/A  
Pressure / vacuum     N/A  
CIP   cip ok When required, by flooding
SIP   sterile N/A When required
EHEDG compliance   ehedg ok  
ul     ok Subject to the market area
gost     ok Subject to the market area
Fundations     Not required Self-supported
Plug & play concept   plug&play N/A  

*PL = Performance Level

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The RINA-JET Micronizers are used to micronize (mill) powder granules in microscopic particles below 10 microns with no mechanical milling media ensure no external contamination fr wearing efect to the final product.

Size distribution control.

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