hot air conveying dryer

RINA Spray Dryer

Continuous hot air conveying dryer

Quality, containment and safety.

The RINA Spray Dryer models are working in a continuous way by atomizing slurries in a vertical drying tower.

This technological solution is particularly recommended for pumpable thermosensitive products requiring a soft and longtime drying in order to produce a dry powder made of fine particles which could additionally be encapsulated.

The spraying can be done with high pressure system or with bi-fluid. The drying tower is sized depending on the type of spray nozzle (velocity, angle of dispersion and size of droplets) and the hot fluid flowrate to determine its diameter. The time residence needed to evaporate the liquid is determining the height of it. The mixed fluid made of vapor and dry particles is pneumatically conveyed to some powder separation system. Several configurations can be proposed: cyclone, bag filter, scrubber to reduce the loss of fine particles at its minimum to comply with local requirements in terms of emission.

Riera Nadeu can propose some very special configurations for the drying of corrosive products with some drying lines made of Hastelloy, and of toxic product in compliance with OEB4 requirements fitted with CIP system.

For highly demanding requirements, such as the drying of corrosive or toxic products, Riera Nadeu offers individual engineering and subsequent tailor-made production with the appropriate selection of materials (e.g. Hastelloy), compliance with OEB4 containment level fitted with automatic CIP system.

From the safety point of view, they can be adapted to work in explosive hazardous area with the relevant certification or approval for the operating location. The drying line can be working in closed loop circuit with Nitrogen if needed.

The drying lines RINA Spray Dryer are customized to fit perfectly with the specifications of the client considering either the process requirement and general arrangement of the production plant.

In accordance to such a high level of requirement, Riera Nadeu can propose solutions for the most demanding industries: Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Foodstuff.


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