RINA Serie 500

Continuous filtering centrifuges

Capacity, operativity and compactness.

The RINA Serie 500 models are continuous vertical filtering centrifuges with conical rotor dedicated to solid-liquid separation of crystallin, granular o fibrous particles suspended in a liquid phase. Those equipments are providing a very high treatment capacity. The product must show a high filtration rate, between 30 and 80% solid content, and particles size between 50 and 5000 µm. The time residence is set by adjusting the feed rate and the speed difference of the epicycloid gear.

The main distinctive feature is the great ratio between the capacity of production and the small size of the equipment, its low weight and the easy continuous operation mode. They can be used to wash the cake (centrifuged solid) and allow to separate the mother liquors and washing liquids if needed.

Riera Nadeu accumulates experience in various sectors requiring an important production rate: Mining (Lithium), Foodstuff, Chemistry.

From the safety point of view, they can be adapted to work in explosive hazardous area with the relevant certification or approval for the operating location.

They can also be equipped with a lube oil cooling system when the temperature of the product is elevated, with CIP system or other specific auxiliaries depending on the requirements.

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