RINA Serie 300

Vertical batch centrifuges with automatic discharge

Stability, cleanability and quality.

The RINA Serie 300 models are vertical batch centrifuges with automatic discharge (bottom discharge peeler centrifuges) dedicated to solid-liquid separation of slurries with high rotating speed (see table below).

Riera Nadeu accumulates experience in several processes of the following sectors: Oil&Gas (MEG Reclaiming Unit), Mining (Lithium and others), Base Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemicals, Foodstuff, Biotechnology and more applications with the most demanding requirements.

These machines can be equipped with a filtering (“F” version) or decanting basket (“D” version) with a retention capacity of solids from 55 to 1300 dm3.

The filtering version RINA 300F is being used when the solid in suspension shows a granulometry and a morphology forming a permeable cake inside the drilled basket. The automatic discharge of solid is performed during the scraping phase through the bottom of the centrifuge with a perfect containment.

The decanting version RINA 300D is working by settling the solid on the ferrule of the basket thanks to the difference of density with the liquid phase. The clarified liquid is extracted by overflowing in the casing and/or with an automatic skimmer. The automatic discharge is performed after re-suspending the solid in order to suck it out from the upper part of the machine.

Those automatic centrifuges are specially recommended for products requiring a variable residence time when spinning and intensive washing. They allow multiple configurations and working recipes including blanketing, spinning, washing(s), automatic discharge, CIP, etc. …

The design of those machines is thought for being easy to use, for versatility and for easy-maintenance.

From the safety point of view, they can be adapted to work in explosive hazardous area with the relevant certification or approval for the operating location.

Riera Nadeu supplies manufacturing in various types of material from the most basic steel to the most high-grade alloy.

ModelsØ Basket
Basket height
Cake thickness max.
Cake volume
capacity max.
*Cake weight
capacity max.
**Filtering area
***G Factor max.
Centrifuge weight

*The maximum load is calculated with a cake density of 1250 kg/m3

**For higher filtering area, the height of the basket can be increased depending on the model. Please contact us. 

***Minimum 1.000G is a standard. For higher G Force, the speed can be adapted depending on the model. Please contact us.

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