Rina Serie SRP-AD 


Automation, G force and efficiency.

The RINA SRP-AD models are the first Supercentrifuges on the market with a non-invasive automatic solid discharge device.

The Supercentrifuge maintains the usual performance of centrifugal separation at high Centrifugal Factor (up to 20.000 xG) improving the process and its operability, thanks to the reduction of the risk of contamination.

It also allows the traceability of the whole cycle in an automatic way, as it eliminates the participation of the operator during the whole process, eliminating the operation of opening and manipulating the rotor at the end of the separation process. This ensures compliance with GMP standards.

From the mechanical point of view, these are decanting centrifuges with vertical tubular rotor made entirely of AISI-316L stainless steel and Titanium rotor, easy to install and operate.

They are used for solid-liquid separation (“C” version) or the separation of two liquid phases (“S” version).

The “C” version, Clarification, allows the extraction of very fine impurities in suspension in a liquid phase with low solid concentration. The high centrifugal factor generates an important separation force. The solid is deposited and accumulates on the suspended rotor cylinder and the processed liquid is extracted completely clarified. Once the rotor is full, the solid is discharged fully automatically.

The “S” version, Separation, allows the separation of 2 non-miscible liquid phases of different density. Depending on the relative concentration of the phases, the appropriate diaphragm is installed to obtain 2 continuous flows of each liquid. In case of the existence of a solid phase, it would also be retained in the rotor and discharged automatically.

The RINA SRP-AD units are particularly suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and in any process that requires the separation or clarification of suspensions.

All the models are equipped with a practicable base and direct drive (servomotor) to reduce noise emissions and possible contamination due to power transmission, maintaining the safety of the equipment and to facilitate the extraction of the rotor from the front in accordance with the requirements of health and safety at work.

From the safety point of view, they can be adapted to work in explosive atmospheres       (CE ATEX) with the appropriate certifications or approvals according to the classification of the area of operation.

They can also be equipped with cooling or heating devices and CIP and SIP systems (with special design).

ModelsBowl Ø
Bowl height
G factor
Motor power
Bowl Ø
Bowl height
Cu. Ft.
SRPB 0,25452000,2525000156250,51,7780,01
SRPB 3856353180001530013,35160,07
SRP/SRPB 51057355160001500034,13290,19
SRP/SRPB 81257358147001500054,92290,27
SRP/SRPB 101457351013700150005,55,71290,35

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